Photography is a very important part of Elena’s life. It’s work, it’s fun, it’s exciting and it’s daring!

As a tireless traveler eager to learn new languages, Elena always carried a camera everywhere so she could bring coloured memories back home. Luckily technology evolved quite quickly and carrying tenths of 35mm films on your pockets became almost like a myth. ūüôā Thousands of pounds have been saved!

Elena¬†was introduced to the erotic risqu√© side of photography around the year 2000, by a polemic artist¬†and¬†erotic photographer born in the 40’s. It was just a bit too late to even dream in becoming a magazine fashion model or a Playmate. If you have that sort of ambition, don’t wait till you’re 20!

Being such a naturist and nature lover herself, Elena soon started photographing nudes and believes the experience has given her the rare opportunity to understand how thin and fragile the line between Erotic and Pornographic Art can be.

The¬†Sensuality of nude bodies¬†– specially the¬†Beauty of Femininity¬†¬†– along with the mystery and secrecy it implies…¬†The seduction game, breaking the rules…¬†It was as exciting from the first moment as it still is!!

For some,¬†Erotic Photography¬†is all about celebrating physical beauty, capture and hold timelessly expressions, shapes, shades, moments, emotions…

For some others it can mean getting to know your most intimate fears or unconfessed fantasies and built your self-confidence as you go along.

Whatever reason why you want to pose nude or to photograph nude models, FUN is right at the corner.

If you wish to book a photography session or to arrange a meeting to see some of Elena’s work, please contact