Marbella is a town of contrasts and plenty of options! And that’s what I found specially vibrant about it!

The area enjoys a reputation of being one of the most high-end destinations in Spain and even if it’s said to have lost some of its “poshness” and exclusivity, it is still a place where many public figures and famous celebrities choose to live.

In reality people from all corners of the world visit Marbella. The majority driven by the amazing weather the area is blessed with, some are attracted to golf events that take place along the coast while others are fascinated by the spanish culture, lifestyle, music, dance and tradition.
Spain is known to have some of the wildest nightlifes in the world! Now add that to the fantastic weather you are likely to find down here in the Costa del Sol – an average of 300 days of sun per year – and I bet you will soon be planning to come back!!

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