Gibraltar is a buzzing little place, officially a British Overseas Territory.

The most particular thing about The Rock is undoubtedly the language spoken by the locals. A constant mix between spanish and british words can be heard all around Gib. Knowing how difficult it is for brits to pronounce spanish and vice-versa, it is actually quite remarkable how the gibraltarians command both languages and are able to fuse it when and how they like.

The second most particular thing about Gibraltar is its airport. For some the excitement is all about landing in such short runway. For most, the odd thing about it is having to cross the runway to enter Gibraltar. Walking! Either way it is pretty uncommon.

Gibraltar obviously enjoys the same warm sunny weather that Marbella does, but does not have the holiday feel to it as the Costa del Sol. In fact, it doesn’t even have a golf course. But if you are looking to call into Gibraltar, you will find that The Rock does have some interesting dinning options and quality entertainment to offer in all of the three marinas you can choose from.

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